Specific offers / Engineering Services

Engineering Services

We provide New Product Development (NPD) services starting concept creation, Detail modeling & 2d drafting works.

Our team of Experienced Engineers Can covert 2d Drawings / Sketches in to fully Parametric CAD 3D Models, benefit of having an engineering model, to be used as a design tool, an analysis tool and a manufacturing component. Parametric model technology is a huge enabler for product quality, product capability and cost optimization.

Our team of experienced Engineers can create 2D Manufacturing drawings with all the required dimensions & With Geometric dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T).

Reverse Engineering enables to deconstruct the product and to extract the knowledge of design and product architecture. Our team of experienced engineers can perform reverse engineering either by studying and disassembling of the physical product by taking physical measurements or construct 3D model by Scanned data.

Onsite resource management team focusing predominantly on industry verticals in Mechanical Segment like

  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Marine
  • Aerospace
  • Process Equipments
  • Electrical & SwithGear
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Medical Devices
  • Mould & Press Tool
  • Special Purpose Machines
  • Consumer Electronics

Our Specialized and Experienced 10+ Recruiters team is focusing on resource enablement and support your team as an extended hands with wide market visibility and database on resource hunt.

We have a proven hiring process which ensures that we get the best picks like Identifying Candidates, Shortlisting & Screening, Placement & Follow-up, Meet All Your Business Objectives.

Our proactive resources team supports all your resources needs for:

  • Top Management
  • Middle Level Management
  • Execute Level Management
  • Volume Based Recruitment
  • Mechanical
  • Embedded
  • Software Services
  • Telecommunication

Library parts are created to enable for different variants of a part or an assembly in a single file. A strong robust 3D parametric part with different variants is created.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) helps to find out how a product behaves in a real world force, vibration, and other physical aspects. Our team of Engineers can handle Analysis of of the products and predict the the probable failures that may occur and do recommendations.

Design automation enables to turn around proposals quickly, design and manufacture efficiently and deliver with less time.

Our team of Experienced engineers can provide automation solutions in 3 major categories:

  • Knowledge Based Engineering - complete product life cycle across various industry applications.
  • Engineering Process Automation - Custom applications for specific tasks. It could be to improve productivity, process improvements and automate repetitive tasks in Design House or in Production.
  • Quality Tools - Develops industry specific quality tools to analyze, identify and report the discrepancies in models and drawings, can also customize existing quality tools available like Checkmate in NX, Design Checker in Solid works etc .