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FACIO is one of the advanced and Adaptive intelligent solution which caters solution specifically for Mechanical Industry Vertical, CPG- Consumer Packed Goods, & AEC – Architectural Engineering & Construction.

OPERABILITY: We Keep it Simple.

SUSTAINABILITY: We sustain your business growth.

RELIABILITY: We make this happen every time.

TRACEABILITY: Your data from any time any were.

  • graphicsMeaning of FACIO is to make;create; acquire; cause.

  • graphicsFACIO is proprietary patented Architecture designed and developed by RIM INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED.

  • graphicsFACIIO is unique and first of its kind architecture as compare to other solutions.

  • graphicsFACIO Architecture is at least Three Times Robust, Flexible, Modular, Faster, Easier as compare to other solutions.

  • graphicsArchitecture is approved and appreciated by the Certifying body who has certified architecture like SAP etc.

  • graphicsFACIO Architecture is web based solution,IT Team love to hear that it is easy to deploy, maintain, and migrate.

  • graphicsFACIO Architecture is multitier and has in built system integrity features as one of its key feature.

  • graphicsFACIO is Very Flexible to Plug and develop Application functionality, Database, Dashboard features etc.