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Software Services

Build, automate, integrate disparate solutions and enhance our customer service with bespoke software development

In an age of rapidly changing markets, business opportunities, technologies and time-to-market pressures, the need to engage quality, reliable software-development services is critical and essential. RIM INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED has an established, professional software-engineering development team to support the business needs of our customers.

The software-engineering service covers business-application development, integrations, data base, web services or new developments and software-testing services. RIM INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is committed to working with you in the realization of innovative end-to-end solutions that create value and outcomes to achieve your business results. RIM INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED will work with you to identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and revenue.

Complete end-to-end software development services

RIM INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED software-development services cover the full lifecycle development services from understanding and documenting business requirements, system/application requirements and specifications, design, coding, integration and system testing, release management and deployment to training, maintenance and support.

RIM INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED can be engaged for end-to-end development or for part of the development such as coding or integration testing to complement the skills and availability of your existing team.